What men ask me! 

There are many ways to have the best experience with minimal risk for you.

Setting personal boundaries

Before you arrive, please think of the words below and what they mean to you. Do you understand meaning and difference? The following words are part of the consent questionnaire. Yes and No is what matters. It can be done in writing. Most of them are not in any way related to the meetings/treatments I offer. But I am being asked all possible questions. I used to get angry, but for now - I accept and try to do my best to stay safe and help other men make a choice based on their personal needs and life situation(s)! 

Massage, climax, mutual play, mutual touch, happy ending, dry orgasm, edging, semen, prostate stimulation, pits, external anal, sensual & erotic play, bareback, poppers, drugs, breathwork, oral sex, anal sex, kissing, spitting, domination, submission, etc.

For example, you are a responsible person at home and work, but in your sex life, you want to do the opposite. You have an image of your ex or boss. We all need a safe place to find peace and harmony with ourselves. Mediating all the time like painkillers only hides the issue, lets the "monster" come to the surface, and welcomes it.