how to book!

How do I book?! If you are happy with my offering and rates, please get in touch with me.

A) Please include:

a) the source like website name, a friend recommended, etc 

b) what service or describe in your own words or refer to the source like a video link

c) the location (incall in Stanmore or Fitzrovia or at your home/hotel)

d) session for 1h, 1.5h, 2h or more

e) your name, (booking for boyfriend/husband), pronouns if you insist

f) tell me more details about what and how you like "pleasure to be served"

g) YOUR SAFETY PROTOCOL: a) can we talk? b) anything goes c) safest option for me!

e) paying cash, bank transfer, or card. 

I know it's a lot, but not rocket science! 


Answer "Hey, Tom. Thank you. Booking is confirmed. The address is below. Rates on the website. Tj"

Answer "Hey, Tom. I am available and the room is available. An hour of erotic massage on the futon is £xxx. If you are happy, I will confirm and send the address. Tj"

Answer "Hey, Mr I am happy to help, but I need to understand your needs. Will you be able to relax, or do you need to cum first or be able to last for an hour? Tj "

Answer "Hi. I am not available now! I need at least 2 hours' notice. (I do have life and other commitments and jobs to do. This isn't the only what I do for a living.)"

Answer "Hi. Yes, you can, and we will talk about it when you arrive. It's not about me - it's about your needs and mutual consent."

Answer. "Hi. Yes, you can. If it's the only way you can enjoy an experience, go for it. There are many other ways to enjoy touch and sensuous experiences! I can help you with that if that is what you want!"

Answer "Hi. Not sure - go for basic, and if there is energy and room to upgrade - I am happy to do it for you."