what else I can do for you!?

Erotic & pleasure coaching

Based on one of my degress!

Waxing detailed pricelist

Naked Service £50

Body wax

Chest £25Abs £25Chest & Abs £45Lower Back £25Shoulders £20Upper Back & Shoulders £45Full Back & Shoulders £60Full back £50

Arm wax

Underarms £20Full Arm & Hands £45Upper Arms£20Forearms & Hands £30Hands & Fingers £10

Leg wax

Full Legs & Feet £50Upper Legs £35Lower Legs & Feet £35Feet & Toes £15

Intimate wax

Crack £40Buttocks (cheeks & crack) £50Groin (penis, scrotum & mons pubis) £50Full Intimate (butt & groin) £75

Waxing packages

Full Back, Shoulders, Chest & Abs £100Buttocks, Back & Shoulders £80Full Back, Shoulders & Intimate £140Full Body, no Intimate £200Full Body, with Intimate £250

Waxing & massage

Available on request! 

Naked Yoga / Fitness workout

Yoga or Workout from £80 per hour. & Guided or passive stretches.

Cuddle therapy

Clothed or naked?!