Services & Rates

Bodywork options

Naked & Sensual massage

Conventional relaxing or deep-tissue massage on the massage table with a genital massage at the end. No crossing fluids or mutual touch.

Naked & Erotic massage

Relaxing and energizing massage on the futon. Full-body massage to awaken your body to sensual play. I will use my body, hands, and genitals to assist you in your journey to higher natural pleasure. It does include mutual play and genital touch/play. It also has slow and detailed external anal & lingam massage to enhance the climax experience. Partially crossing fluids and mutual touch are allowed but not essential.

Tantric massage & Experience

Tantric means more personalized and less following a routing like in the abovementioned options. Some of you might want to begin cuddles and then take it further. It's not about a fixated routine. It's all about exploring and enjoying the "here and now" to achieve the highest possible pleasure with your and the facilitator's guidance. It also includes slow and detailed internal (prostate) & external anal & lingam massage to enhance the climax experience. Crossing fluids and touch are part of the Experience!

Rates INCALL in Fitzrovia Studio, Central London, TotenhamCourt Road 

Rates INCALL in Stanmore, Home Studio, NW London

Rates for OUTCALL Central London or NW London

Flat rate £250 up to 2 h.